TakeOFF Srl - Note
In respect ingevoof the data we collect through our websites www.startupinnovative.org and www.takeoffstartupp.com, we make public to all this information note, which will be sent by e-mail to customers and suppliers, and/or any other Interested in Treatment.

At TakeOFF we do not distinguish between personal data of Customers or Suppliers, nor B2B and B2C, and where it is collected, as we have decided that any data in our possession is protected with the utmost care and attention.

Holder of the Takeoff Treatment Ltd.
"The controller puts in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure, and be able to demonstrate, that the treatment is carried out in accordance with this regulation"
The absence or ineffectiveness of the procedures is a source of responsibility for the Holder. Head of Treatment Alessandro Crinò "The Head of Treatment is the figure that takeoff srl has appointed, and who has the task of providing guarantees in order to ensure full compliance with the provisions regarding the processing of personal data, as well as to ensure the protection of the rights of the person concerned"

It ensures that persons authorized to process personal data have engaged in confidentiality or have an adequate legal obligation of confidentiality." It ensures that all measures required under Article 32 of GDPR will be taken, which can be consulted at https://www.takeoffstartup.com/documentazione.

To demonstrate compliance with legal obligations, in addition:
a. enables and contributes to review activities,
b. Requests and organizes internal checks and checks every 3 months
c. employs specialists and qualified companies, integrating the figure of a professional as Advisor and Specialized Consultant in charge of the role of "Data Protection Officer"

Data Protection Officer - DPO
"It is the figure in charge of Takeoff Ltd. to take the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure, and be able to demonstrate, that the treatment is carried out in accordance with the regulations"
TakeOFF decided on the following
TakeOFF SRL was designed to take appropriate steps to demonstrate regulatory compliance. These include:
1. General instructions on data processing
2. Training and training every 3 months of all TakeOFF SRL staff
3. Internal audit and treatment managers
4. Review of human resources policies
5. Data Breach Management Policy
6. Register of processing activities, if applicable
7. Register of any data breaches
8. Data Retention Policies and Procedures
9. Adoption and implementation of the necessary measures to comply with data protection principles, from the design of any internal information and paper process
10.Adoption of security measures diversified depending on the risks and type of treatment
11.Keep an updated and available data processing register at the request of the Guarantor, containing all internal management and process activities related to the Data Processing, and will be made available to the court in the event of verification.

TakeOFF SRL maintains all the documentation of the processes adopted to build the system of data governance in the company in a single archive with all the documentation considered relevant, well protected and secured according to the technologies and procedures documented at the Address https://www.takeoffstartup.com/documentazione

TakeOFF SRL verifies the effectiveness of the documents produced against the Interested parties and adopts solutions that make it easier for the Person to exercise their rights, as described and detailed later in the following document, on the website at https://www.takeoffstartup.com/documentazione

Each of our customers or suppliers must have the opportunity to know what their personal data is processed, by whom they are processed, for what purpose and for how long.

By doing so, it will really be possible to control compliance with the right to data protection and possibly take action to block an unwelcome use of the information.

Transparency is therefore one of the fundamental prerequisites for any proper processing of personal data and is expressly invoked by GDPR Article 5, under which "personal data is treated lawfully, fairly and transparently towards the person concerned."

Transparency in TakeOFF SRL is always guaranteed, regardless of the purpose for which the treatment is carried out, and in all its phases:
1. Before personal data is collected,
2. during the entire data processing process
3. when special circumstances occur, such as data breaches

As per art. 12, paragraph 1, GDPR, our communications described and provided "in a concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form" and "with a simple and clear language".

TakeOFF SRL manages the Collected Data as follows
1. Administrative
a. With the help of internal software for invoicing, issuing credit memos, managing orders and orders in the works and quotes
b. TakeOFF SRL sends Invoices, Credit Memos and Administrative Documents necessary to fulfill legal obligations to its accountants and administrative professionals, who have received this document, and have been trained and informed by the Treatment Holder about the permitted arrangements.

2. Information
a. Sending Informational, Commercial and Administrative Communications by Standard Electronic Mail only from the Internet domain info@takeoffstartup.com. No other Email domain is used for Data Processing Purposes, except for certified e-mail box (PEC)
b. Sending Promotional Communications in relation to the Guglatech SRL Social Object, info@takeoffstartup.com without ever giving up the right to Treatment for Advertising and/or Commercial purposes any data to entities outside Guglatech SRL, to protect the confidentiality, care and protection of the data processed

1. Right to Manage, Editing Modes, and Deleting Data
All Interested in Treatment (Customers and Suppliers of TakeOFF SRL), connecting by Browser from both Desktop and Mobile to the internet address https://www.takeoffstartup.com/documentazione, following the procedures described can:
1. Exercise the Right of Access to Control of Treaty Data
2. Change modes (For example, DO NOT receive Commercial Newsletters sent from automated systems)
3. Delete Your Data (Right to Be Forgotten), except for your administrative and tax obligations to which TakeOFF SRL is subject
4. Limit the use of Treaty Data 5. Transfer your data to another European subject 6. Check for the existence of a system of profiling your data for statistical or commercial purposes, including data collected for events and competitions organized by TakeOFF Ltd.