All Takeoff's services

Services dedicated to Startups

Fulfillment of Advertising Obligations
Analysis and Feasibility Studies
Facilitated Finance
Research of precedence and innovativeness
Certification of R&D costs
Promotion Research Joint Ventures
Business Plan
Business Modeling
Requirements maintenance assistance
Bank relationship assistance
Assistance enquity campaigns crowd funding
Operations Assistance M&A
Consulting in it and IT platforms
Design of administration, management and control systems
Consulting Quality Certifications
Facilitated Finance
Enterprise Networks

Services dedicated to SMEs

Analysis and feasibility studies of new initiatives.
In-depth market surveys.
Analysis state of the art technology.
Structured research and development projects.
Research Joint Ventures and technology transfer agreements.
Business Plan
Assistance maintaining requirements.
Bank relationship support.
Investor Relations Assistance.
Business performance analysis.
GAP information systems analysis
Research and Development Certification.
Facilitated Finance.
Risk Assessment.
Legality ratings.
Anti-Corruption System
Enterprise Networks

Services dedicated to Banks, Investors and ECF Portals

Support Analysis and Feasibility Studies
Business model validation
Analysis of the degree of innovation of the project
Assessment on business model and validation business plan
State of the art analysis of the technology and patents presented.
Tutoring Startup
Data Management
Data Analysis - Machinand Learning
Reporting assistance.
Enquity Crowd Funding Campaign assistance
Research projects

For Public Administration

Programmatic Assistance
Public Administration Training
Technical Assistance - Legislative

For The Research

Agreements with Universities and Research Institutions
Technology Transfer Projects
Research and development projects.
Promotion research joint ventures.
Provision of laboratories
Provision of prototyping facilities
Provision of technological tools for data analysis.